Sushi House

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Sushi House may not be the most posh sushi spot I've eaten at, but its a decent price for the quality you get and the menu is pretty big.  Its a good place when you feel the need to really pig out on sushi without having to spend alot.  They offer everything from sushi to combination meals and crazy rolls.
Oshitashi.  A semi regular item I order at Japanese restaurants when I see it on the menu.  I have to eat something healthy when partaking in a big vice of mine.  Boiled spinach with tempura sauce topped with bonito flakes. 
Out of all the times I've been here, this is the first time I've ever had a temaki (hand roll) here.  Spider handroll with softshell crab and avocado.  Disappointing due to the soggy tempura crab. 
 I've had almost every type of nigiri they offer here and it's all pretty fresh, but my two favorites are hotate (scallop) and sake (salmon).
Mixed sashimi platter with slices of salmon, maguro (tuna), hamachi, and mackerel. 
I think of myself as a purist when it comes to sushi and Japanese food, but every once in a while I'll sneak in a roll.  The bay scallop roll here is one of my more outrageous indulgences - crab meat & avocado (think california roll) topped with scallops and special sauce which is baked until the top is all gooey.  Weird, but kinda addicting.

Address:                         Sushi House
                                               2375 Shoreline Dr.
                                               Alameda, CA  

Type:                                  Japanese/sushi/casual

Popular chomps:    bay scallop roll

Chomp worthy:          bay scallop roll      
                                                 scallop nigiri (hotate)
                                                 salmon (sake)

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