So Gong Dong Tofu House

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5 types of panchan/banchan here: marinated (pickled) cucumbers, kim chee, sweet potatoes, sesame oil bean sprouts, japchae.  (left to right clockwise).  One of the tastier panchans I've had in Northern California.  I especially like the marinated cucumbers and japchae.

Tofu soups are the popular dishes here.  You see an order on almost every table.  I chose the mushroom tofu soup (spicy).  The spice level here is quite good.  It definitely hits the spot on a cold winter day.
They serve purple rice here as a side when you order a tofu soup.  The color of the rice turns purple with the help of the addition of beans when cooking.  It gives off a more starchy flavor/texture that compliments the soondubu jjigae.
Bibimbap (this one is beef) is a signature Korean dish.  I think the bowl doesn't come out as hot here so you don't get many crunchy rice bits after mixing.  Also, I think the flavor is a little lacking here.  The tables here don't lie - stick to the tofu soups!

Address:                          So Gong Dong Tofu House
                                                4127 El Camino Real
                                                Palo Alto, CA 94306

Type:                                  korean/soup

Popular chomps:    any of the tofu soups (soondubu jjigae/chigae)

Chomp worthy:         any of the tofu soups (soondubu jjigae/chigae)   

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