Ad Hoc - Fried Chicken

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I was finally able to score seats at Ad Hoc to eat Thomas Keller's famous fried chicken (aka:  KFC - Keller Fried Chicken).  Ad Hoc alternates between fried chicken and ribs for their Monday dinners. 

As always, Ad Hoc can make the simplest salads taste incredible.  Today's salad was chopped romaine & Escarole Salad with marinated cucumbers, english peas, shaved radish, asparagus coins, and spring onion vinaigrette. 
Green garlic whipped potatoes.  Buttery goodness with a slight garlic taste.
Another side dish of garbanzo beans, sweet carrots, and pickled cabbage.  This dish was slightly tangy with some crunchy texture - a nice contrast to the potatoes.
I always get the extra supplement when I come to Ad Hoc.  Today's was a cured ham biscuit.  I was expecting the biscuit to be a more flakey and buttery, but it was surprisingly dry.
The moment I've only lived in my Ad Hoc dreams until now...the famous Thomas Keller Fried Chicken.  You can't tell from this picture, but the crust on this batch was slightly darker than the batches on the other tables.  I have a feeling that this batch was slightly overcooked.  The crust was really hard, but not in a crispy way - more in a burnt way.  The chicken inside was slightly moist, but the breast and thigh meat were dry and disappointing.  I still think I got a bad batch and refuse to believe that this was what Thomas Keller Fried Chicken is supposed to taste like.
Huckleberry jam and palladin toast. 
The menu lists this dessert as apple pie but its more of a deconstructed version.  Fuji apples mixed with almond ice cream.  A spoonful of apple, almond ice cream, and brittle makes it taste as if you were eating an apple pie. 

Address:                             Ad Hoc
Type:                                     American/casual

Popular chomps:         fried chicken

Random facts:            fried chicken is offered every other Monday

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