Arinell's Pizzeria

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Amongst Berkeley's massive choices of pizza lies Arinell's.  No fuss, just a thin

Cheese slice - #84 on the 2011 7x7's Top 100 Things to Eat
Arinell's Pizzeria is one of those slices that can satisfy your craving for a thin, greasy, cheesy slice.  Thin and wide enough that you can fold in half just like in New York.
Address:                       Arinell's Pizzeria
                                             2119 Shattuck Ave.
                                             Berkeley, CA
Type:                              American/pizza/casual

Popular chomps:  cheese slice

Random facts:      Another location is San Francisco
                               The cheese slice is #84 on the 2011 7x7 Top 100 Things to Eat

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