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After my favorite sushi spot (SushiYa) in downtown Palo Alto closed down, I had struggled to come to terms with possibly never finding anything in this area that comes even close.  Kanpai is probably the best of the bunch in the downtown Palo Alto area, which isn't saying much.  Almost everyone gets some kind of sushi or type of rolls here, but I think the secret gem is their nabeyaki udon.  When I find myself craving SushiYa's udon, I'll head over to Kanpai for a bowl of their nabeyaki udon.  Perfectly flavored broth with dense chewy noodles.  The nabeyaki is topped with chicken, cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, spinach, an egg, and one piece of tempura shrimp.  A sprinkle of shichimi pepper makes this soup good eats for the winter.   

Address:                        Kanpai Sushi
                                              330 Lytton Ave.
                                              Palo Alto, CA

Type:                                Japanese/casual

Popular chomps:   omakase

Chomp worthy:        nabeyaki udon

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