Hai Ky Mi Gia

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Fresh housemade soybean milk.  It comes to the table hot - so watch out!
Almost every table has a plate of this fried fish cake dish.  Served with a side of pickled vegetables to add some sour taste and cut some of the oily taste from the fish cake.

One of the most popular dishes - the braised duck leg with thick noodles and won ton.  It can be served "wet" (pictured here), which just means its served as a soup.
The other option to the braised duck leg "soup" is ordering it "dry" which means it comes with the soup on the side.  Both versions come with a side of pickled vegetables which brings a nice texture and sour flavor between slurping your noodles.
#73 on 2011 SF Foodie's 92 list
A close up of the dry version of the braised duck leg "soup".  Even though its supposedly the same dish, it tastes totally different.  The braised duck is cooked so perfect, the meat just flakes off into tender chunks.  The most popular version of this dish is the dry version, which I prefer as well.  Make sure you add some scoops of chili oil into the noodles and mix!

Address:                        Hai Ky Mi Gia
                                              707 Ellis St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                Chinese/Vietnamese/casual

Popular chomps:   Braised duck leg soup (dry) with thick noodles
                                               fresh soy milk
                                               fish cake

Chomp worthy:        braised duck leg soup (dry) with thick noodles (also add wonton)
                                               fresh soy milk

Random Facts:         The braised duck noodle is #73 on the 2011 SF Foodie's 92 list

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