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There is a handful of ramen spots in the Penisula area that people debate about being the best.  Himawari being one of these favorites in this area. 
An appetizer of  "homemade" gyoza.  Nothing special.
Tonkatsu ramen deluxe.  Milky should be a sign of fatty, flavorful broth.  Not here - lackluster flavor, almost borderlining on bland.  The noodles seem to be just there - not soaking up any flavor at all.

Tan Tan Men Deluxe.  Pork three ways:  stewed fatty pork, sliced pork, and minced pork.  Anything this red makes my mouth water knowing that a good spiciness is yet to come, but unfortunately, this was not spicy at all.  The red coloring, probably from the chili oil, seemed to be more oily than chili.  The noodles, again, didn't seem to have absorbed any flavor from the broth and were more of an afterthought or filler than anything.

Address:                         Himawari
                                               202 2nd Ave.
                                               San Mateo, CA

Type:                                  Japanese/ramen/casual

Popular chomps:    Tan Tan Men
                                                 Miso Butter Corn Ramen                    

Chomp worthy:        nothing

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