Pho King

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Pho King is one of the top 5 pho spots debated amongst people who have lived in the East Bay. 
Pho #1 with eye of round steak, well done flank, fat brisket, soft tendon & tripe.  The pho broth here is a little more cloudy here and it has a sweeter taste (more anise). 
Again, ALWAYS ask for the beef on the side so you can dip it into the soup, otherwise the meat comes out too well done.
Since I'm not a fan of pho here, I ordered the bun bo hue, which is a popular dish here as well.  This spicy beef soup (I asked for extra spicy) had a really good balance of flavor.  Bun bo hue should be both spicy and slightly sour.  It provides the best comfort soup on a really cold winter day.  Along with round thick white noodles, bun bo hue comes with slices of beef, meatballs, pork knuckle, and beef blood cubes.  The bun bo hue here is probably the best bun bo hue I've had in Oakland.

Address:                        Pho King
                                              638 International Blvd.
                                              Oakland, Ca  

Type:                                Vietnamese/casual

Popular chomps:  pho
                                              bun bo hue
                                              bun rieu

Chomp worthy:       bun bo hue

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