Hot Sauce and Panko

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KFC means Kentucky Fried Chicken, Keller Fried Chicken, and KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN.  Its probably more well known and accessible in Southern California, but Hot Sauce and Panko, in the Richmond District of San Francisco, gives a much closer option.

A whole wall full of hot sauces from Marie Sharp's to plain old Tabasco are available for gawking at and purchasing.

The Green Wings are lightly fried and flavored with cilantro, ginger, jalapeno, sesame oil, and a dry spice blend.  Lightly crispy and probably my favorite of the three I ordered.  These wings are more dry fried style versus a saucey hot wing.

Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) made with chili paste, garlic, sesame oil, and agave.  Having had a bunch of KFCs before, I found these wings to be too sweet and not enough spice.  Probably my least favorite of the bunch I ordered.

Bulgogi wings made with bulgogi sauce and pickled chilis.  A wet style wing. 
For an extra dollar, you can add on a side for each order of wings.  The potato salad lacked in flavor, possibly needed some salt.
The macaroni salad also tasted bland. 
One of the combos was a fried chicken and waffle combo.  These waffles are cooked to order and you can decorate them as you wish with all the condiment choices in the store.  This one was drizzled with chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup.  I kinda prefer my waffle a little more crispy.  Overall its a cute concept, but the sides need a little work.

Address:                           Hot Sauce and Panko
                                                 1545 Clement St.
                                                 San Francisco, CA

Type:                                   korean/casual

Popular chomps:     Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)
                                                 Green wings
                                                 Bulgogi wings

Chomp worthy:          Green wings               

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