Muracci's Japanese Curry

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The original location of Muracci's Japanese Curry and probably one of the most popular Japanese curry spots in San Francisco.  This has been on my must eats list for a while, but unfortunately for me its only open Monday through Friday during work hours.  This tiny curry spot does have a couple spots to eat at, but most people seem to do the to go option.

Curry Pan with three flavors to choose from:  Beef, Chicken, and Veggie with two heat levels - mild and hot.
Of course, having waiting a couple years to finally be able to eat here, I picked up all three curry pans.  These curry pans are house made.  A nice light crust with fluffy bread envelope a slightly spicy curry sauce filling.  A little more bread to filling ratio that I would have liked.

#16 Katsu curry on 2011 7x7 Top 100 things to eat
I ordered the katsu (pork) curry (HOT).  I didn't really care for the pickled cabbage (not pickley enough) and wished there was more fukujinzuke pickle (red pickles).  As for the actual katsu curry, the curry is well made and tasty. The katsu has a thicker crust so it stays crispy in the curry and the pork is really tender. Yum!

Address:                             Murarcci's Japanese Curry
                                                   307 Kearny St.
                                                   San Francisco, CA 
Type:                                    Japanese/casual

Popular chomps:      katsu curry
                                                  curry pan

Chomp worthy:        katsu curry

Random facts:         They have a Los Altos location which IS open on Saturdays and offers croquette on                               their menu
                                  katsu curry is #16 on 2011 7x7 Top 100 Things to Eat

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