Volcano Curry of Japan

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Volcano curry.
Mini croquette sandwich.  A nice snack size.  The croquette seems a little bland (possibly premade frozen) and lacks a nice crunch.  Possibly would taste better if there was some curry sauce or some shredded cabbage.  Although, I like how the bread is soft and slightly sweet. 
Panko crusted spam mini sandwich.  I prefer the crunchier texture of this sandwich over the croquette sandwich, but I felt like it need something more.  Again, maybe some shredded cabbage or some sauce would give this sandwich some depth.
A more traditional Japanese curry versus the one I had at Kare-Ken (see post HERE ).  The curry is thicker and there are some vegetables tossed in.  It's most likely made from a store bought paste, but most Japanese curries found in restaurants are.  The chicken katsu in the chicken katsu has a nice crunchy texture and the chicken is tender.  You can choose your heat preference - volcano being the hottest.  I ordered hot and it had a decent level of spiciness to it.  As with traditional Japanese curries, a small scoop of red pickles (my favorite) provide a pickley and crunchy texture to the smooth curry.

Address:                       Volcano Curry
                                             5454 Geary Blvd
                                             San Francisco, CA

Type:                                Japanese/casual

Popular Chomps:  katsu curry
                                              potato croquette
                                              katsu sandwiches

Chomp worthy:       katsu curry 

Random facts:       you can order double Volcano for an extra EXTRA spicy level

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