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Kare-Ken is a tiny curry spot that just opened in the Tenderloin.  I hurried to try this spot because 1). I love Japanese curry, and 2).  I want to support the new food spots in the Tenderloin.  Its situated in a "hot" area - meaning pretty deep in the Tenderloin and by newly up and coming area (lots of bars/lounges in the area).  I don't usually comment on the decor of a food spot, but this decor is well done - reminded me of Japan.  You can either eat in (there are about 7-8 spaces) or take out.  They have a small to go window, but I was able to walk in and order to go.

A random spur of the moment side order of tempura onion rings.  The crunchiness of these tempura rings survived the to go box and the ride back home - impressive and yummy.
The curry here comes in levels of spiciness - mild, hot, extra hot.  I chose hot just to get a sense of what their "medium" choice was.  I found it to be slightly spicy, which is fine for Japanese curry.  Too hot tends to take away from the flavor of Japanese curry.  One thing to notice about this Japanese curry is that it is very smooth.  There are no vegetables mixed in with this curry.  The taste of this curry is unlike any Japanese curry I've ever tasted.  Although, most Japanese curries served in Japanese restaurants are mixed straight from the box (most people don't realized that).  I think that Kare-Ken makes theirs fresh.  Its a little sweeter and unfamiliar, but its quite good.  I rarely order chicken katsu because the chicken is always dry, but I did taste test it here.  The chicken here is so tender and juicy.  It's not dry at all!  Also, the curry to rice ratio is well done here.  No clumps of leftover white rice that you don't know what to do with here.
After eating some of the chicken katsu, I had no qualms about eating the tonkatsu.  It was fried perfectly and the meat was flavorful and tender.  Their house made pickled cabbage was delicious, but I was a little disappointed about was they did not have the traditional red tsukemono (pickled vegetable).

Address:                           Kare-Ken
                                                 552 Jones St.
                                                 San Francisco, CA

Type:                                   Japanese

Popular chomps:      katsu (pork & chicken) curry

Chomp worthy:           tonkatsu and chicken curry
Random facts:           Their after 10p menu offers curry dogs and katsu sandwiches!

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