Cicciolina - Cuzco, Peru

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My last night in Cuzco before I headed out for some camping in the Amazon, I chose a very highly raved restaurant called Ciccolina.  I deterred myself and my stomach from the tempting street vendors  to save an appetite for this place.  First of all, I could not find the restaurant!  I must have walked past this doorway about ten times before I almost gave up.  

Apparently, you walk through the doorway into this little courtyard and Cicciolina is upstairs.

Some tasty bread with olive oil and dipping sauces.

Peruvian scallops in their shell that were bbqed with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and lime.  I was hoping these scallops would be similar to those I had enjoyed in Barcelona (seen HERE), but the soy sauce overpowered the sweetness of the scallops.

A dish of bbqed octopus tossed with roasted rosemary, tomatoes, and garlic.  Again, the sauce overpowered any flavor the octopus had.
A tartar of fresh Langui red trout with wasabi mayo and caviar layered on crispy yuca.  A very standard tartar.  Nothing too special here besides it was made with trout, which is a popular fish in the Andes region.

Red trout that is bbqed sauced with coconut milk.  Crispy fried sweet potato balls accompany this dish.  The fish was as little overcooked for me (It didnt flake off).  Also, the fried potato balls were dense and heavy. 
Dessert was a chocolate mousse from the Quillabambas jungle and scoop of Pisco ice cream.  The mousse was heavy and thick with a mild chocolate flavor.  The Pisco ice cream was probably the only high point of the dinner - very creative and tasted exactly like a pisco sour.  

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with this restaurant (Thanks to Tripadvisor!).  The sauces were too salty or bland.  I wish I had just wandered the street of Cuzco eating at the nighttime street vendors.

Address:                   Cicciolina
                                  Calle Triunfo 393 2nd floor
                                  Cusco, Peru

Type:                        Peruvian

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