Mercado Central de San Pedro - Cuzco, Peru

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The market in Cuzco is huge.  I would say almost a block long.  There are a couple difference entrances on the sides of the building.

The market is sectioned out by types of food:  fruits & vegetables, meats, dried foods, etc.

 On one of the outer corners of the market, there are several tables set up for juices.  I was excited thinking that it would be simlar to the freshly made juices I had in Spain.  Check that out here (La Boqueria - Barcelona). 

The fruit selection was a little limited.  The vendors give you a menu to pick from then proceed to make your drink.  The mango - orange juice was really thick, almost like a smoothie.  Not as refreshing as I had hoped, but you can taste the ripe fruits.

 For being a market, I noticed there weren't many food vendors inside ( you can find the lined up OUTSIDE the market).  Also, the market was pretty empty, not sure if it was due to the parade celebration outside.  It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped for, but it was still worth a trip to look around.

Address:                    Mercado Central de San Pedro
                                          Cuzco, Peru

Type:                            market

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