Secret Pizza Spot inside the Cosmopolitan

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I love secret eating spots.  My little sister recommend that I try the secret pizza spot while in Vegas.  This place is so secret that most of my friends who are Vegas regulars never even heard of it.  True to form, you cannot find this on the directory in The Cosmopolitan.  All I knew is that it was located on the top floor, take the escalator, and its down a long hall.  Going by these small hints, I sleuthed my way to the top floor of the hotel.  What a tease -  I saw people with slices of pizza and I could smell the pizza, but I wandered aimless around this center area for a bit looking for some other hints.
A small, discreet hallway!  (I actually thought that maybe this place would be so popular I would see crowds of people walking in and out of the pizza place.)
Looking inside you can see that its decorated with various album covers, but its very unnoticeable from the outside sitting area.
After walking through the long hallway, there is a small, very New Yorkish pizza parlor (but cleaner!).
The limited menu lists the basics.
Both slices and whole pies are available to eat there or to go.
Following in Vegas style gluttony, I ordered OOE (one of each).
The most basic slice you can get - the cheese.  The key slice to knowing how well they make a pizza.  Slightly crispy crust with gooey cheese.  Tasty!
Mushroom - which is my favorite to order after knowing that a place can make a proper cheese pizza.  This one had thin sliced mushrooms sprinkled over the cheese sliced.  Delicious.
The white pizza seemed to be the popular slice here.  A slice of pizza with mozzarella and dollops of ricotta cheese.  I wasn't a fan of this one, mostly because I don't really like ricotta cheese that much, especially in huge doses.  This slice was probably my least favorite out of the four.
Of course, lastly the combination slice with chunks of sausages.  I would have to say the slices here are much better than I expected.  My preference from best to least favorite:  mushroom, cheese, combination, white.
After pigging out on four slices of pizza, I was yearning for something sweet - cheesecake.  Apparently not a popular item, the staff had to run to the bakery (?) and pick up some slices for my order.  Nonetheless, it was a well made cheesecake.  Perfectly dense texture with a distinct top layer and crunchy graham cracker crust.

Address:                            Secret pizza spot (Inside the Cosmopolitan)
Type:                                    Pizza

Popular Chomps:       white pizza

Chomp worthy:            cheesecake

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