Ichiza - (Las Vegas, NV)

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Ichiza is probably one of Vegas's best kept secrets for those that are willing to go off the strip.  A 5-10 minute cab ride (depending on what side of the strip you are on) to Las Vegas's Chinatown.
Along with a regular menu, Ichiza lines their walls with lots of specials.  All the really tasty items are on the walls.
Tako wasabi - raw octopus with wasabi.  Looking at this, you can't see the wasabi but biting into the slimy, crunchy pieces of tako, you definitely taste the wasabi kick. 
Spicy corndogs.  This dish sounded appealing, but actually the batter was a little dry and bland.

Yakitori with chicken breast.  Perfectly cooked chicken with a charcoal smokey flavor.
This is one of my favorite dishes. There is a slight spiciness to this traditional fried rice that comes the jalapeno flavor and the white pepper.
Buta kim chee - stir fry sliced pork with kim chee.  This is a common dish seen at many izakayas, but I think Ichiza makes one of the better ones I've had.
Honey toast is THE dish to get here.  No matter how tempted you get with all the other delicious dishes offered here, you MUST save room for this.  A quarter loaf of white bread that is toasted in the oven, then topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with honey.  The combination may sound a little weird, but its absolutely delicious.  It's possibly something you can easily make at home, but there is something about asian white bread and asian ice cream that makes it that much more delicious.

Address:                        Ichiza
                                              4355 Spring Mountain Rd.
                                              Las Vegas, NV
Type:                                japanese/izakaya/casual

Chomp worthy:        jalapeno fried rice
                                               honey toast
                                               buta kim chee
                                               miso cod

Popular Chomps:   miso cod, honey toast              

Random facts:         open till 3a

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