Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

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The weather is starting to get chilly in the Bay Area and winter is in the air.  One of the most common things in the winter for me to eat is hot pot.  It can really hit the spot.  Little Sheep is my family's absolute favorite  Hot pot is pretty self explanatory - you are give a list of items: meats, mushrooms, various veggies, and tofu.  Mark the ones you want then dunk, cook, and eat.  
Two types of broths are available for simmering:  spicy and regular.  Little Sheep differs from other typical hot pots because the soup is herbal based with cloves of garlic, green onion, chilis, and various Chinese herbs.  I prefer the spicy broth, which I think they add chili oil to the regular broth.  I don't find it too spicy for my taste, but it does have a nice kick to it.  A lot of people swear by the broth and like to take it home after dinner - my family being one of them. 
Mixed meats platter - I prefer just the lamb slices.  Notice how thin the slices of meat are, like deli meat.  This allows for quick cooking.  Make sure you watch your meat in the pot!  Sometimes it floats away and settles to the bottom only to be scooped up 30 minutes later and its overcooked.
Mmm.. fish balls.  An absolute must when getting hot pot.  This is one of the first items that goes into the hot pot because it takes longer to cook.
I'm a mushroom lover!  This medley of mushrooms covers all my favorites - enoki and shitake.
After you scoop out your food, strain into bowl, and eat!  If you are a true hot potter, you know that veggies and noodles go in last after everyone is done eating up everything else.

Address:                         Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
                                               215 S Ellsworth Ave
                                               San Mateo, CA 94401 

Type:                                Chinese, Soup
Chomp worthy:      Spicy Broth
Random facts:        they have a full bar

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