La Palma

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La Palma
La Palma is probably one of my favorite taquerias in San Francisco.  A notch higher than El Farolito because all the ingredients are so fresh.  A yummy taqueria as well as a go to place for order large party platter and small Mexican ingredients. 
Check out the ladies in the back making the fresh tortillas for all the burritos and plates!  You can even purchase the tortillas by the bags.  The ordering system can be a little overwhelming.  Just walk straight to the back and you can order burritos or prepared food items with someone on the register on the right side of the store.  Anything grocery related can be purchased with the checker in the front of the store.
The birria (stewed goat) is a special dish that La Palma makes on Saturday and Sundays.  You can have it in a plate (like chose here) or in a burrito.  The plate comes with a choice of beans (refried here), or a side of rice, and some tortillas.  The refried beans here and flavorful and mushy (the best way, of course!).  Beware of small pieces of bone when you're chomping away. 
A couple of freshly made tortillas to sop up the juices and beans.
I couldn't decide between rice or beans so I got BOTH!  Rice is well seasoned here and perfectly fluffy.  And most importantly, NOT DRY!

The infamous chicharrones burrito (no sour cream for me).  The chicharrones are also made in house and you can purchase them by weight or in their dinner meals.

Address:                           La Palma Mexicatessen
                                                 2884 24th Street  (between Bryant St & Florida St)
                                                 SF, CA

Type:                                  Mexican, Taqueria, market

Chomp worthy:       chicharrones burrito

Random facts:        Closes early!

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