Fried Turkey @ Kentucky Fried Chicken

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For all of us who are a little curious about a fried turkey, but either too lazy or too scared to fry one ourselves, you can preorder one at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  They come one size only (10-12lbs) and are available for pickup Thanksgiving Day.  Supposely frying a turkey seals in the juices and keeps the meat more moist than a traditional oven baked preparation.  Surprisingly, I noticed that the turkey was not oily at all - notice the semi clean tray it came in.
The drumstick was a little smaller than what I expected, but the meat was flavorful and juicy!
After a little tussle with the turkey, the wing finally broke free.  Lots of tender, juicy meat here and some perfectly crackling, crispy skin.


Address:                        KFC
                                              various locations
Type:                               American

Popular chomp:   Deep Fried Turkey

Chomp worthy:    Deep Fried Turkey
Random facts:      only offered during Thanksgiving and Christmas


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not at our local Highland Park, CA KFC :-(

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a KFC near Pasadena, CA that is doing the deep fried turkey?

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