snacking around Pisac market

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On the way from Ollantaytambo to Cuzco, I visited teh Pisac ruins and then decided to stop by the Pisac market to wander around and grab some lunch.  It reminded me of Stanley Market in Hong Kong with the endless maze of homemade crafts and vendors.  If you end up here, I'd probably set aside 1-2 hours to explore and snack.  Also, if you come across little girls dressed in traditional dresses and carrying baby lambs, be warned they expect some money if you want to snap a picture.

The colorful display of fruit in the Pisac market.
Some of the varieties of potatoes (tubers) found in the Andes.

In one of the alleys in the market, I stumbled across a man selling empanadas fresh from a huge clay oven.

This carne y queso (beef and cheese) empanada was different than what the normal empanada I was used to.  It was similar to a bun with a soft exterior versus the flakey, slightly crispy ones back in California.

At one of the market there was a lady selling choclo con queso ( Corn on the cob with Cheese). Notice how the corn kernels are giant sized!

The corn kernels are giant sized so its more starchy and filling than the sweeter corn in the States. 

Address:                          Market at Pisac

Type:                                  Peruvian, street foods

Chomp worthy:          Try everything!

Random facts:         The market is open everyday, but the busiest days are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday with
                                                 Sunday being the busiest and most popular of the three.

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