La Chomba - Cuzco, Peru

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I was determined not to leave the Andes area without eating cuy (guinea pig).  La Chomba was a local spot hidden in a small courtyard.  This is what it looks like from the street.  If you walk through this walkway then you will see the actual entrance to the restaurant on the right.

The front door of the restaurant.  Once you walk in you'll notice how crowded it is, but someone will help you find a seat and you order off the menus on the walls.

By the time I reached this restaurant it was about 2p in the afternoon.  Every restaurant I passed walking to La Chomba was empty, but La Chomba was packed! (A good sign).  A singer and some some guitarist provided some live, authentic music to enjoy with the meal.  Make sure you have a couple coins to tip afterwards.   You'll end up being in the minority if you don't.

I had ordered the lechon (roast pig) as well as the cuy (guinea pig), but they were out of the lechon (insert sad face here).  The head and curled up paws let you know you were eating a guinea pig.  Jokes aside, the cuy was actually quite delicious.  The skin was crisp and the lean meat was flavorful.  The preparation was similar to that of Chinese roast pig.  The sides included a chow mein and some potatoes.  Both were very filling.

Yup, ate everything!
Address:                     La Chomba (La Chomba Ajha Wasi)
                                           Avenida Tullumayo
                                           Numero 339, Primer Piso
Type:                             Peruvian, casual

Popular chomps:           cuy
                                       lechon (roast pig)

Chomp worthy:    cuy (guinea pig)

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