Pearl's Deluxe Burgers

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Sometimes you are just craving for a good (cheese)burger... Nothing fancy, just good quality meat and cheese and a side of crispy fries.  The Post street is Pearl's second location - I'm not sure if they were trying for a safer location, but the location on the corner of Market and 6th doesn't seem much safer than their Tenderloin location.   
I mustered the courage to test out this spot, but ordered to go after seeing a couple bums and ghetto people wander in and proceed to hassle the workers.  There are a couple tables here, if you don't mind the eccentric people 6th Street brings.
Besides some beers on taps, Pearl's also offers a wide variety of milkshakes..Pina colada flavored?!  Deciding to stick with something relatively traditional, the mint chocolate chip shake was properly made with a nice, thick consistency.  Look at how the contents of the shake coat the straw.
Twice fried fries! Reminds me of KFC.  Crispy with a nice extra coating of crispiness - addicting enough that I want to eat the whole box, but used strong willpower to remind myself that I would regret it afterwards if I did.
Pearl's also does a two choice mix of sweet potato fries, onion rings, or regular fries.  I chose the onion rings and sweet potato fries mix.  The onion rings were battered in thinner strips (which I'm not a fan of) and soggy.  The sweet potato fries weren't crispy either.  The whole box kinda resulted in a soggy mess.
Regular burger (1/4lb) with American cheese ordered medium rare.  So juicy!  This burger is a solid traditional burger.  You can really taste the freshness of the meat.  The beef must also be grilled with very little oil because you don't get that greasy, nasty feeling you get after you've indulged in a burger.
Kobe beef burger with cheddar cheese, also ordered medium rare.  I'm not sure why one is pinker than the other...  I was thinking that this burger would have more flavor than the regular meat since it was made with "Kobe" beef, but it tasted pretty similar to me.  I probably could have done a blind taste test and not noticed the difference.  Also, in a slight brain fart when ordering, I ordered cheddar.  I'm usually not a fan of cheddar in a burger because I find the cheese taste too be too sharp and overpowering when I'm eating a burger.  This cheddar was a lot more mild and the taste of the meat still shined through.  Also, another plus about Pearl's burger is that the bun still stays intact even to the last couple bites.  No bread falling apart here. The thickness of the bun seems to soak up the juices well without deteriorating the bread.

Address:                     Pearl's Deluxe Burgers
                                           1001 Market St.
                                           San Francisco, CA

Type:                             American, burgers

Chomp worthy:     burger

Pass:                               sweet potato fries, onion rings

Random facts:      Pearl's Phat Burger was featured on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate

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