Heidi's Pies Restaurant

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Pies are synonymous with holidays.  Heidi's Pies are a local favorite around the Peninsula area.  A 24 hour diner, but the popular items are the pies. 
The pies varieties include creams, and fruits.  If you don't want to take a whole pie to go, they offer slices as well.  Each slice is pretty generous - a quarter of a pie!
Yup, pies are made fresh here.
Chocolate cream pie. 
Peach pie.  Unfortunately, the freshly made peach pies are
Blueberry sour cream pie. 
Banana cream pie.

Address:                           Heidi's Pies 
                                                 1941 S El Camino Real
                                                 San Mateo, CA
Type:                                   diner, dessert, American

Popular chomps:     Fresh peach pie ( offered only June - September)
                                     Blueberry sour cream pie
                                                  Banana cream pie

Chomp worthy:        Blueberry sour cream pie
                                                  Banana cream pie

Random facts:          opens 24 hours

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