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For those of us who can't sneak out of work on Mondays to get a table at Ad Hoc to enjoy Thomas Keller's fried chicken, our prayers have finally been answered.  Addendum (located behind Ad Hoc) offers the famous fried chicken as well as the ribs Thursdays through Saturday for lunch. 
I almost prefer the picnic setting than the inside dining area to feast on the chicken while enjoying the gorgeous California sun. 
A meal comes with a 2 pieces of fried chicken, a piece of cornbread and two sides.  I was a little uneasy going into this. I wasn't trying to get my hopes up after my first encounter with Ad Hoc's Fried Chicken, especially with the to-go vibe.  How good could the to-go version be if the one I had in the restaurant was just "okay"?  (Check out my Ad Hoc's Fried Chicken experience HERE )  One word:  Redemption.  Perfectly crispy, not oily, super juicy fried chicken.  It was like I had FINALLY experienced the Keller Fried Chicken I had heard so much about.  I knew Thomas Keller would never fail me!   
A side of corn succotash.  From the picture it doesn't look like much, but it is SO good!  I should have ordered another side of this. 
Another simplistic dish - potato salad with small chunks of potato and some bits of celery.  Another winner.

Address:                         Addendum
                                               Behind Ad Hoc
                                               6476 Washington St.
                                               Yountville, CA

Type:                                 American/casual

Popular chomps:    Fried chicken/ribs

Chomp worthy:        Fried chicken

Random facts:        only open Thursday - Saturday 11a - 2p

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