Gioia Pizzeria

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Gioia's is proably one of my favorite EastBay pizza spots.  Its located in the most discrete, sleepy neighborhood away from the college crazed downtown area. I'd probably describe it as Berkley's version of a New York slice.
It's tiny inside with only a handlful of stools to enjoy your slice.  There are often a couple daily specials along with the regular cheese, mushroom, and pepperoni.
Mmm.. pepperoni.

Mushroom (otherwise known here as Fungi) is my ultimate favorite slice here.  The mushrooms are sliced just thick enough to give the pizza some texture.
Address:                         Gioia Pizzeria
                                              1586 Hopkins St.
                                               Berkeley, CA
Type:                                 American/pizza/casual

Popular Chomps:   mushroom(fungi)/cheese (formaggio)   

Chomp worthy:      mushroom(fungi)/cheese (formaggio)   

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