Cheese Board Pizza Collective

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Cheeseboard pizza.  Berkeley's take on pizza. Always made with the freshest, seasonal ingrediants, Cheeseboard pumps out its one and only one type of pizza for lunch and dinner to its long line of adoring fans.  No additions or substitutions.  For those people who don't like surprises, the weekly menu can be seen online. 
Paying homage to the mushroom season in the Bay Area, today's pizza is crimini mushrooms, onions, goat cheese, mozzarella, garlic olive oil, and fresh herbs.
On a really nice day (like this one), everyone noshes on their pizzas in the median.  Totally unsafe (with signs warning against it), there is just something about the slight danger, the jazz music, and the hint of carbon monoxide that completes the Cheeseboard experience.
Cheeseboard is a thin sliced pizza, but not a crispy crust.  The key to this pizza is in their fresh ingrediants.  Also, they give you a bonus baby slice with your order.

Address:                         The Cheese Board Pizza Collective
                                                1512 Shattuck Ave.
                                                Berkeley, CA

Type:                                  Pizza/American/Casual

Popular chomps:    pizza of the day

Chomp worthy:       pizza of the day

Random facts:        they only make one pizza a day

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