John's Snack & Deli

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John's Snack & Deli is one of those places you can try if you're lucky enough to make it out this way Monday through Friday.  Its a convenience store that doubles as a Korean mini restaurant. 

The menu changes slightly each day, but the kimchi burrito is a consistent menu item.
They make their kim bap or korean sushi, as I like to call it, fresh and in store.  The vegetables inside aren't as pickle tasting as I like.  Also, it isn't rolled as tightly and tends to fall apart when you pick it up.
kimchi burrito - #15 on 2011 SF Foodie's 92
The kimchi burrito.  Pretty mild in the spice level and the meat is pretty tender and flavorful.  If only the burrito was rolled a little tighter...

Address:                            John's Snack & Deli
                                                 40 Battery St.
                                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                                   Korean

Popular chomps:     kimchi burrito
                                                  kim bap

Chompworthy:         kimchi burrito

Random facts:         The kimchi burrito is #15 on 2011 SF Foodie's 92 list

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