King Eggroll Restaurant

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King Eggroll is probably one of the more famous, well known spots in San Jose.  Their trays are commonly ordered for holidays parties or gatherings.
King Eggroll is best know for their eggrolls, of course.  Always super crispy, and served piping hot.
The filling has a consistency of meat and vegetables.  The red sauce is an absolute must for dipping!  The sauce differs from your average sweet and sour sauce because it gives a slightly spicy kick at the end.
Another favorite of King Eggroll is their fried shrimp balls.  

These shrimp balls come wrapped with shredded wrapped and are perfectly fried.  The minced shrimp inside is juicy and huge!  Again, you must use the red sauce for dipping when eating this. 

If you come in early enough, you can order dim sum here.  One of my favorite dim sum dishes is lotus steamed sticky rice with chicken.  The sticky rice soaks up all the yummy chicken flavor.

Address:                             King Eggroll
                                                   1221 Story Rd. Suite #10
                                                   San Jose, CA

Type:                                    Chinese/Vietnamese/casual

Popular chomps:      eggrolls, fried shrimp balls

Chomp worthy:            eggrolls, fried shrimp balls, steamed chicken rice

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