Golden Gate Bakery

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Possibly the best egg custard tarts (dan tat) outside of Hong Kong and unfortunately, almost everyone knows this.  There is always a line outside this place.  Be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes in line for a steaming hot egg custart tart.  One of the reasons why this place is so good is these pastries are being churned out almost consistently all day from the kitchen, which I suspect is downstairs (they have a dumbwaiter elevator in the behind the counter).  At 1.25 a piece ($15 for a dozen), these pastries do not come cheap, especially compared some .50 ones around the corner, but they are the freshest.
Even though most Chinese stores and restaurants will stay open 365 days of the year, Golden Gate Bakery has random "vacation" times throughout the year.  I've noticed they are more frequent now than when I was a kid. 

#59- Egg Custard Tart from Golden Gate Bakery - 7x7's 2012 Top 100
You must eat these fresh.  Then you can appreciate the perfectly flakey, but not too thick crust and the slightly sweet and jiggly custard.  All the qualities that make a good egg custard tart.

Address:                             Golden Gate Bakery
                                                   1029 Grant Ave.
                                                   San Francisco, CA

Type:                                    Chinese/bakery/casual

Popular chomps:        egg custard tart

Chomp worthy:             egg custard tart    

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