Panaderia Michoacan y Taqueria

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 It's a bakery.  It's a convenience store, AND its a taqueria.  That multitasking for you.  They also have freshly made fruit juices like orange and mango, as well as carrot juice. 

From left (clockwise):  carne asada, carne asada, al pastor, and barbacoa.  This is the first time I've seen barbacoa on the menu.  Barbacoa is goat or sheep meat, usually from the head or the cheek/jaw, and the preparation originates from the Caribbean.  I attempted to order the lengua here, but they were out.  The carne asada was tender, but lacked in flavor.  The al pastor was tender as well, but just didn't have that kick that a good al pastor has.  I was most excited to try the barbacoa, but even though the meat was super tender, it also lacked in any flavor.  Both the al pastor and the barbacoa were pretty oily.  I had read that this place made their own corn tortillas for their tacos, but I didn't notice that they tasted any fresher than a normal tortilla.  Maybe they only have it on weekends?    
I've been having some cravings for the shrimp burrito at Dos Coyotes (in Davis) so I ordered the shrimp burrito here thinking it would satisfy it.  The burrito here comes with salsa, sour cream, rice, and onions.  The avocado was extra.  The shrimp was really plump and juicy, but lacked any flavor.  Also the burrito wasn't rolled tightly and sort of came apart before I could get to the best part - the end.

Address:                        Panaderia Michoacan y Taqueria
                                              2561 El Camino Real
                                              Redwood City, CA

Type:                                Mexican

Popular chomps:   tacos

Chomp worthy:        nothing      

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