El Guanaco Restaurant

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In the middle of taquerias and taco trucks there are a couple Salvadorian restaurants on Middlefield.  El Guanaco serves both Salvadoran and Mexican dishes. 

 Bean/cheese and pork/cheese pupusa combo.  Pupusas are a traditional Salvadoran dish made up of a thick hand made corn tortilla (masa) and usually filled with cheese, pork, and/or refried beans.  The pupusas here are grilled nicely with a light crunchy crust.  Also, they aren't as greasy as prior ones I've had, which is nice.  The beans are a little salty, but if you mix the beans and rice together it works.
Pupusas are usually served with a slaw called a curtido.  It made up of a pickled cabbage, some chilis and vinegar.  The curtido was pretty good here.  It still retained a slight crunch with a slight spiciness.  Think Japanese pickled vegetables with a small kick.

Address:                          El Guanaco Mexican & Salvadorean Restaurant
                                                2950 Middlefield Rd.
                                                Redwood City, CA

Type:                                  Mexican/Salvadorean/casual

Popular chomps:     pupusas

Chomp worthy:           pupusas

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