House of Silvanas

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I rarely ever go to Daly City, but I came a picture of these macaron looking cookies and they looked interesting enough to venture out there.  It's a little tricky to get here.  The deserted looking plaza where this bakery is looking like you need to enter into the plaza (with Ling Nam) in it, but its not.  You actually have to go up a little futher into another plaza and follow the swirling street into the correct plaza.  Confusing, but thats Daly City for you.   
House of Silvanas are actually a chain from the Philippines with a couple locations in Southern California and the Daly City being the only Northern California location.

From top left (clockwise):  chocolate, mocha, strawberry, mango, original, ube (purple yam), buko-pandan (young coconut).  At first glance, silvanas look very similar to macaron, but they are very different.  First of all, they are stored in the freezer and served chilled.  The cookies are cashew meringues with buttercream sandwiched between the wafers.  The cookies are they dusted/rolled in cookie crumbs.  The texture takes a little getting used to since I've never tasted a cookie like that. Upon first bite, you get a sense of chilliness and you can probably get a small chewy bite in before the meringue wafer melts/disappears in your mouth.  You are left with a sweet aftertaste that is slightly salty.  It can be pretty addicting.  An assorted box ($13) comes with two of each flavor.  Personally I liked the strawberry flavor.  It reminded me of the Nesquick strawberry flavor.

A glance inside the ube flavored silvanas you can see the light fluffy texture of the meringue wafer and the thin layer of buttercream. 

Address:                     House of Silvanas
                                           2055 Gellert Blvd.
                                           Ste 3
                                           Daly City, CA

Type:                             Filipino/bakery

Popular chomps: silvanas
                                            sans rival

Chomp worthy:      silvanas      

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