The Codmother Fish & Chips

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Who knew you could actually get something other than chain restaurant food or super touristy food in Fisherman's Wharf?  This fish and chips is a stationed food truck that's actually run by real British people.

A pretty basic menu offering mostly fried fish and chips (fries). 

I had been pigging out earlier in the day so I decided on the "junior" sized fish and chips.  They fry to order so you might have to wait a while for your order.  I've had "British style" fish and chips in London a couple years back and the batter is really similar here.  The batter here is thick so it creates a harder shell around teh fish.  Also, a unique feature about The Codmother is the batter is slightly peppery.  The fries are really potatoey so it's more soft than crispy.  The homemade baja sauce is .75 extra and I recommend getting that and using it as a dip for your fish and chips.  I'm not sure whats in it.  I want to say it has taco seasoning and maybe some mayo and some tartar sauce.  I think the sauce is what makes the fish & chips here.  Overall, it's pretty good, but I still prefer the fish & chips at Cook's  in Menlo Park  (see post HERE )

Address:                        The Codmother Fish and Chips
                                              2824 Jones St.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                 British/seafood/casual

Popular chomps:     fish & chips
                                                crazy fries
                                                baja sauce

Chomp worthy:          fish & chips
                                                 baja sauce

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, looks really tasty! We love how you've put your own twist to traditional British fish and chips! Would love to try a battered twinkie! Proper Tasty Newcastle Fish and Chips =)

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