4505 Meats

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4505 Meats is located in the far back of the SF Farmers Market on the right side (right next to Namu).  The huge crowds in this area makes it a little hard to find this booth.  They serve breakfast items as well as lunch items on Saturday mornings.
Buried under a pile of their housemade chicharonnes and kim chee (made by Namu) is a hot dog.  A decent snap to the dog, but nothing else stood out.  The zilla style (adding chicharonnes and kim chee) option on the hot dog didn't make this dog any better.  I noticed a lot of people ordering it on their burgers though.  I found the kim chee too sour and the chicharonnes hard to fit into each bite.
(cheese)burger at 4505 Meats - #57 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
An incredibly juicy burger, but a little on the salty side.  Reminded me of the Big Mac with the dressing similar to that of Thousand Island.  Not sure what was up with the sad leaf of lettuce, reminded me of a McDonalds burger.  Many people think this is the best burger in SF.  I have to digress that I've had better.
One thing that I do agree that 4505 does well is their bag of chicharrones.  Crackling, fat chunks melting in your mouth with a hint of spiciness.  I can never bring myself to only take a couple pieces and end up eating the whole bag. 

Address:                          4505 Meats                                       
                                                Ferry Building Farmers Market (Sat)                                       
                                                San Francisco, CA   
Type:                                  burger/sandwiches

Popular Chomps:   cheeseburger                                      
                                                zilla dog                                      
                                                4505 chicharrones

Chomp worthy:       4505 chicharrones

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