Roxie Food Center

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Everyone thinks that sourdough bread is synomous with San Francisco, but I sware its dutch crunch bread.  What is dutch crunch?  It's a bread with a super crunchy top and a nice fluffy soft inside.  The perfect medium for those who prefer crunchy, hard bread and those who like it soft.  Dutch crunch is originally from the Netherlands where its called tiger bread.     Not just any ordinary baking goes into this bread, it's made with sesame oil produces a spotty/striped exterior crust.  The exterior pattern is made by brushing rice paste onto the surface before popping into the oven.  During the baking process, the rice paste gives the crust its crackling texture and crusty top.
 One of the reasons why Roxie's sandwiches are so good is because they have the best dutch crunch ever.  Each bite gives you a nice crunch and the inside is so soft and fluffy.  You can opt to have the sandwiches toasted, which makes the dutch crunch even crunchier!  The chicken breast and avocado sandwich is pretty good here.  The avocado is fresh, but there isn't much meat.

The pastrami (and avocado) sandwich is popular here.  The pastrimi is sliced really thin, but really flavorful.

Address:                          Roxie Food Center
                                                1901 San Jose Ave.
                                                San Francisco, CA

Type:                                  sandwiches

Popular chomps:    anything on dutch crunch bread (toasted)

Chomp worthy:         dutch crunch bread

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