Prime Dip Sandwiches

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I always walk by this small little sandwich shop on my way to Turtle Tower.  The lobster roll advertisement always peaks my interest.  Lobster roll in the Tenderloin?  How good could it be?  How fresh could it be?  My curiousity got the better of me this time around.

 Thinly sliced roasted prime rib with a squirt of creamy horseradish and mayo in a sweet French roll.  They dip the prime rib into au jus sauce before putting it into the roll.  I'm not a big french dip person, but I found that you still needed to dip the sandwich into the side of au jus because the meat is still a little dry.  The au jus is really flavorful so I didn't mind the dry meat too much.  Every sandwich comes with a choice of a side.  The mac and cheese is not bad.  A little clumpy, but still decent. 

Chunks of lobster not just dipped, more like dunked in hot melted dill butter and then scooped up and sandwiched into a French roll.  Unlike the prime rib sandwich, I didn't feel the need to redip my sandwich into the side of melted butter.  The lobster did a pretty good job in soaking up a lot of the butter in the first dunking process.  I love butter, but the amount of butter in the lobster was a little overbearing for me.  It was a little hard to taste the sweetness of the lobster with all the butter oozing out of the meat.  The lobster meat wasn't as fresh as I've had in lobster rolls in the past.  Still nothing beats Ad Hoc's lobster roll...The creamed spinach side was pretty good.  It wasn't as creamy as normal creamed spinach, but still tasty.

Address:                       Prime Dip Sandwiches
                                             528 Larkin St.
                                             San Francisco, CA

Type:                               sandwich

Popular chomps:  lobster roll
                                              prime rib dip                                  

Chomp worthy:       prime rib dip       

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