Paris Baguette

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Paris baguette sounds like it's a French bakery, but it's acutally more of an Asian (Korean) bakery.  Originated from Korean, this bakery has two locations in Northern California:  Sunnyvale and Palo Alto.  With what looks like a bajillion different types of pastries and breads to choose from, PB bakes them fresh and often rotates the selection.

Since it's an Asian bakery, the pastries aren't quite as sweet as you would normally expect in a regular bakery.  There are multiple fruit type pastries to choose from. A lot of them are berry based: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or a combination of.

It's pretty common to see hot dog type pastries in Asian bakeries.  I've seen 3 types at Paris Baguette on my multiple visits to this store.  This hot dog is actually a spicy sausage wrapped in a soft bun.  There is actually a squirt of mayo ( I think kewpie mayo) inside the roll that gives it a creamy taste.  Possibly one of the better "hot dog" type Asian pastries I've had.

This mini garlic croissant is pretty amazing.  You would think it would only have a hint of garlic, but the garlic butter flavor engulfs your mouth in every bite.

Koreans are obsessed with cheese corn.  It's common to find it as an appetizer on Korean menus.  It's essentially corn baked in with a cheese sauce so it gives a sweet, crunchy, but gooey bite.  PB has baked it into flakey pastry with a layer of ham on the bottom.  I'm a fan of this one.

A different version of a fruit pastry.  This one has two fluffy layers (think angel food cake) sandwiched between a layer of cream and raspberry jelly. 

True to most asian bakeries, there is some pastries that are deep fried.  PB has a couple different types of croquettes.  I grabbed the jap chae one since I've it was the only uniquely different one.  I loved how they playfully had the japchae inside the fried doughey balls.  This was definitely one of my favorites here.  Since it's fried, it doesn't store well and I recommend eating it as soon as possibly to fully appreciate its crispy shell.

 Inside the jap chae croquette.  You can see it does have tiny glass noodles, like jap chae, inside.  It's not as oily as jap chae normally is when its served as a dish.  The outside bread probably soaks that up.  Its a good combination of sweet, crunchy, and salty.

This pastry is very similar to sugar butter toast.  It's very crunchy on all sides with a nice coating of butter and sugar. 

Address:                        Paris Baguette
                                              383 University Ave.
                                              Palo Alto, CA

Type:                                Korean/asian/bakery

Popular chomps:    blueberry chiffon cake
                                               hot dog bun
                                               jap chae croquette

Chomp worthy:       jap chae croquette
                                              hot dog bun
                                              cheese corn pastry      

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