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 Summer's almost here and the mini heat wave in the city has got me thinking burgers!  I have a pretty decent sized list of burgers I'm trying to conquer.  A slew of Super Duper burgers have been popping up in almost all the neighborhoods in SF. 
They offer Straus organic soft serve shakes here:  vanilla, chocolate, cookies & cream, chocolate & fresh strawberries, and double chocolate & chips.  You could really taste the fresh strawberries in the chocolate & fresh strawberries shake.  Although the taste of the shake was really refreshing, the consistency was too watery.

 Two fries options available here:  french fries (regular) and the garlic fries, which comes with a heaping of fresh garlic and shredded aged cheddar.  They also offer the option of adding 3 dips for your fries:  super sauce, homemade mayo, and chipotle.  I actually ordered the 3 dip option, but they messed up on my order and forgot it.  The fries are a crunchier version of McDonald's fries, if that's your thing.  Personally, I like mine a little bit softer on the inside.
The regular burger, aka the super burger, are two patties made up of 8oz of niman ranch beef.  If that's too big you can opt for their mini burger, which is only 4oz.  Cheese and bacon can be added on for a little extra.  Their "everything on it" is lettuce, tomato, red onions, super sauce, jalapeno peppers, grilled onions, and pickles.  Bonus:  you can get an organic egg for an extra dollar.  I didn't see this otherwise I would have definitely gotten that.  The regular burger is pretty hearty and juicy.  I like how they add the cheese between both patties of meat for the super burger.  All the burgers come medium unless you request otherwise.  The burger is well proportioned and you don't feel its too much meat or the toppings overpower the burger.  Pretty satisfying. and the bun held up well till the last bite.  The last couple burgers I've had the buns were being problematic.

Being a San Francisco based chain, you have to show some love to the vegetarians.  Besides salads, Super Duper has a veggie burger and a portobello sandwich.  I went for the portobello with the jack cheese and avocado extras.  One gripe about this is that I wished they told me the portobello was lightly battered and deep fried.  I was a little miffed at the fact my portobello wasn't its usual grilled self, but the crunchy texture was surprisingly well played in the sandwich.  Super juicy and flavorful, I almost like the portobello more than the super burger.
Super Duper's special touch are the housemade pickles.  A cross between the crunchiness of a dill pickle but the sweetness of a sweet pickle.  I'm a sour pickle person, so I found these pickles to be a pass.

Address:                          Super Duper Burgers
                                                721 Market St.
                                                San Francisco, CA                    

Type:                                   burgers

Popular chomps:      super burger
                                                 portobello sandwich
                                                 Straus organic shakes
                                                 Straus soft serve cones

Chomp worthy:          super burger
                                                 portobello sandwich

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