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Delarosa is the sister restaurant of the ever popular Beretta in the Mission.  The menus are very similar with the only difference that Delarosa serves pastas.  Having been to both, I prefer Delarosa over Beretta for pizza.  This place gets packed, especially being in the Marina, its stroller city.
Everything fried is good!  The crab arancini here is no exception.  Fried risotto style rice balls deep fried with shredded crab and gooey mozzarella.    

The standard in any pizza spot for me is the margherita pizza.  Delarosa steps it up and offers the addition of burrata for an extra 5.  That option is a no brainer for me.  The crust is crispy throughout the whole pizza.  The tarty tomato sauce and the super soft burrata with fresh leaves of basil makes a perfect flavor combination.  It's no Delfina, but its definitely the best pizza option in the Marina. 

Address:                        Delarosa
                                              2175 Chestnut St.
                                              San Francisco, CA
Type:                                 Italian/pizza

Popular Chomps:   margherita pizza with burrata
                                               meatballs in spicy marinara
                                                burrata bruschetta, hazelnut, honey
                                               dungeness crab arancini

Chomp worthy:        margherita pizza with burrata
                                               dungeness crab arancini

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