Basa Seafood Express

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From the front it looks like an ordinary fish market, but in the back is where the magic happens.  It's a mish mash of random things when you walk in.  At first you see a tank full of fresh fish/crabs then you see some asian condiments for sale.  Walk straight to the back! 

 There are a couple tables for you to enjoy your food if you choose to dine in.  One thing to notice is that even though its a fish market, it doesn't smell!  That's a sign of super fresh seafood and cleanliness.  There is a small menu of seafood items you can choose from, they are all made to order except the seafood cocktails and clam chowder.  Also, they offer shucked oysters here (I'll try them next time)! 

Basa offers two types of premade seafood cocktails:  fish and shrimp (I wish they had a combination one).  The shrimp one had some super plump shrimp.  Really refreshing and a great start to this meal.
The clam chowder is so delicious!  Lately, everywhere I've had clam chowder, its had a really liquidy consistency.  I love a nice, thick chowdah!  Basa does not disappoint.  It's a really thick chowder with a nice smoked bacon flavor, lots of potatoes, and juicy clams.  

For some reason when I ordered this I thought it was a fried fish taco, but it came out as a diced freshly grilled fish.  Again, you can definitely taste the freshness of the seafood here.

The fish in this fish sandwich is huge!  It's like a whole filet! The fish is lightly breaded and perfectly fried.  The sandwich is lightly spread with mayo, which makes the fried fish the star!  So delicious!  One of the best parts of this meal is that all this and a soda cost less than $20!

Address:                         Basa Seafood Express
                                               3064 24th St.
                                               San Francisco, CA

Type:                                 seafood

Popular chomps:   clam chowder
                                               fried oyster sandwich
                                               fish or shrimp cocktail
                                               fried fish sandwich
                                               fish tacos
                                               salmon burger 

Chomp worthy:       clam chowder
                                              fried fish sandwich
                                              shrimp cocktail  

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