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I was wandering into Sandbox bakery looking for the rice burger on the 2012 7x7 list, but they told me they were serving the rice burgers in their new cafe/restaurant 903, which was located 2 doors down.  903 is a small takeout/dine in cafe that serves Asian food focusing on Japanese cuisine.

The rice burger was made to order.  Small patties of rice and lightly pan fried to be used as the "bun"of the burger.  A siracha based sauce is lightly spread on the inside of the "buns".  Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this rice burger.  OMG!  The burger was so flavorful and the only place I've tasted karaage this juicy and flavorful was at Sumika in Los Altos.  To my surprise the rice bun actually held up for the most part.  It would be nice for it to be a little more crispy like a onigiri.  903 has two rice burgers - tofu and fried chicken with a side of salad.  I wasn't too crazy about the salad.  The dressing was a little sweet for my taste.  But  after this outstanding burger, I'm definitely going to be back to try the other rice burger and other items on the menu.

#79- Rice burger (fried chicken) at 903/Sandbox bakery - 7x7's 2012 Top 100

Address:                        903
                                              903 Cortland Ave.
                                              San Francisco, CA  

Type:                                Asian/Japanese

Popular chomps:    rice burger
                                               green tea chiffon cake

Chomp worthy:        fried chicken rice burger       

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