Mexcal Taqueria

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 Another one down in my taco crawl across Redwood City.  A small sit down spot located on Middlefield Road.  This place has a little bit of everything from breakfast, seafood, and your usual burritos and tacos. 

Tacos run $1.25 each with fish (catfish) tacos at $3.15. Meat options: pollo, chorizo, carnitas, carne asada, lengua, pastor, pollo guisado, cabeza, and chile verde.  From bottom left, clockwise: pastor, asada, carnitas, and chorizo.  I wanted lengua, but they didn't have it that day.  Each taco came on two nicely griddled corn tortillas with a slightly cripy bottom layer.     
I almost couldn't tell that this was the pastor taco.  The bits of meat were a lot larger than I'm used to seeing and there was zero spiciness.

The chorizo here was oddly very sweet and not a hint of spiciness at all. 

The carnitas here comes in chunks rather than shredded.  It was bland, but tender.

The carne asada was pretty disappointing here.  It was tender, but almost too tender and lacked the texture of the crispy bits.  Really bland, but nothing a squeeze of lime could fix.

Address:                      Mexcal Taqueria
                                            3215 Middlefield
                                            Menlo Park, CA

Type:                              Mexican

Popular chomps: carnitas tacos
                                             carne asada tacos

Chomp worthy:      nothing            

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