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Now here to satisfy the sweet tooth in you on the penisula.  I've been to the San Francisco (Marina) location to pick up some sweet treats or as a reward for getting a healthy salad at Blue Barn next door. 
 I'm not a huge fan of bananas, but for some reason banana desserts appeal to me.  Creamy banana pudding with slices of fresh banana on the bottom.  A scoop of the vanilla wafter, banana pudding, a slice of banana, and some whipped cream make for the perfect bite.

Red velvet cake is my go to item here.  You can get it as a slice, a cake, or a cupcake.  The slices are moist, and soft with rich layers of cream cheese and a hint of chocolate taste.  Much better than Kara's and Sprinkles combined and if you're in the South Bay, better than Sweet Passions too! 

Address:                       SusieCakes
                                             642 Santa Cruz Ave.
                                             Menlo Park, CA

Type:                               bakery/desserts

Popular chomps:  red velvet cake
                                             whoopie pie

Chomp worthy:       red velvet cake
                                              banana pudding with Vanilla Wafers                                       

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