Comstock Saloon

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This prohibition inspired bar in the midst of the seedy part of North Beach serves up some fantastic libations and fare.  The simple dishes with a twist even lured Anthony Bourdain to visit on his Layover San Francisco episode.

The cheddar crackers were slighly cheesey with a crisp texture like wheat thins.  The bright red sauce that screamed sweet and sour sauce was actually a pepper jelly that packed a slight kick with sweet overtones.  The thick cream cheese alongside the pepper jelly on the cheddarcracker provided an unusal, but somewhat addicting flavor combination.

Corn fritters with a smoked pepper dip that reminded me of Frances's own bacon beignets without the bacon.  Not as crispy as I would have thought, especially when I think fritters.  More of a smooshy, pillowy, soft cloud.

The Rabbit 3-ways (from bottom right, clockwise):  terrine, griddled rillette, and chicken-fried.  The terrine overshadowed by the other 2 ways and never really given a second though after consumed.  It was a tie for which way was better between the rillette and the chicken fried.  The rillette, served on a crunch toast was almost like a corn beef hash.  Salty, but in a good way.  The chicken fried could have been a little more crispy, but the flavor made up for it.  Also, plated with a celery salad dressed in a pepper vinegar that helped cut out the salt and grease in your mouth.

A red sauce like tapatio meets tabasco only taken down a couple notches was provided for the griddled rillette.
#77 - Pickled egg (on the Hangtown Toast) at Comstock Saloon- 7x7's 2012 Top 100
A not too pickley egg on top of a dry toast and some even more dried up bacon helped inch my way towards completing the 7x7 2012 Top 100 list.  While it may have wowed the people of 7x7, I found the pickled slaw more interesting. 

Bone marrow in a pot pie?  Bone marrow eats for the lazy!  No scraping or fumbling needed to spread the jelly goodness.  Each bite had a bit of flakey crust with melt-in-your-mouth beef.  A huge heaping of wild arugula salad that served nicely as a palette cleanser after each rich, fatty bite of pot pie.

Only three desserts to choose from with carrot cake being the automatic eliminating option.  Chocolate parfait plopped on top of a thick orange marmalade, espresso cream and chocolate cookie crumbles.  Even though the description read chocolate...chocolate...chocolate...it tasted more like espresso.  Not a fan of the huge serving of orange marmalade.  At times I felt like I just scooped up a spoonful of jam straight from the jar into my mouth.

Bourbon pudding?  So redundant and repetitive all over the city.  Wow.  Comstock's has got to be the best version of this creamy dessert.  Hints of bourbon flavoring in every spoonful.  Best is the banana cake hidden in the bottom with slices of banana mixed in.  Moist and delicious.  It's possibly one of my favorite desserts in a long time.

Address:                        Comstock Saloon
                                              155 Columbus Ave.
                                              San Francisco, CA

Type:                                gastropub/American

Popular chomps:    beef shank bone marrow pot pie
                                               rabbit 3 ways
Chomp worthy:        rabbit 3 ways
                                               beef shank bone marrow pot pie
                                               bourbon pudding 

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