Original Gravity Public House

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The Original Gravity Public House reminds me a little of Wurstkuche (see post HERE).  They have a variety of beers and sausages, even exotic meats. 

Poutine made of fries and topped with green pepper corn gravy and cheese curds.  The sauce was a bit too salty and the gravy was very thin.

The duck fat fries were crispy and crunchy with a nice flavor to them.  Although, if I didn't know they were duck fat fries, I would never had known.

The wasabi mayo had a nice kick to it.  It was my favorite of the two sauces.

The jerk ketchup had a smokey flavor to it.

The Louisiana Hot was nice and spicy.  Loved how the bun stayed intact.  The candied jalapenos gave the sausage a nice sweet and spicy touch. 

I sort of expected the cheesy andouille to ooze cheese, but no cheesiness here.  A decent spicy flavor though.

Address:                 Original Gravity Public House
                                66 S. 1st St.
                                San Jose, CA
Type:                       hot dog

Popular chomps:     poutine
                                duck fat fries
                                garlic aioli
                                candied jalapenos

Chomp worthy:       Louisiana hot        

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