Iza Ramen

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Every Saturday and Sunday for lunch (11:30a - 3p) Blowfish Sushi turns into the ramen pop up Iza.  Even though the closing hours end at 3, you need to be there before 1 in order to get your name on the list before it closes.

The tori chili bowl had juicy fried chicken covered in a sweet, spicy sauce.  Its no Daikokuya shredded pork bowl (see post HERE), but its a nice side dish to the main attraction.

I really wanted to try both the iza ramen and the tsukemen, especially since I've been watching David Chang talk about tsukemen in Mind of A Chef, but the tsukemen was all sold out for the day.  Next time!  At first glance, it looks very similar to Ramen Dojo's broth (see post HERE) with the drizzle of garlic oil on the peppery, milky broth.  The broth is dense, but not as rich and salty as most ramen broths are.  The vegetables are pickled and gives a nice contrast to the broth and dense noodles.  I loved the extra char on the slice of chashu.  Not the best bowl of noodles, but probably one of the better bowls of ramen in the city.  I was disappointed the egg wasn't more runny. 

Address:                  Iza Ramen
                                 2170 Bryant St.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        ramen

Popular chomps:      tsukemen
                                  iza ramen
                                  goat cheese gelato

Chomp worthy:         iza ramen     

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