Golden Boy Pizza

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I've never been crazy about Sicilian pizza until having a square at Di Fara's (see post HERE), which is one of those life changing good eats.  Sicilian pizza is not too popular in San Francisco, but Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach is an incredibly popular slice house that serves these tasty squares.
Pizza is sold by the slice (square) as well as by the pie.  Its North Beach location makes it a popular spot after a night of drinking (its open till 2:30a Fri/Sat).

There is a slice for everyone's taste.  One of everything!  From top left; clockwise: pepperoni, pesto, combination, cheese, sausage, and clam garlic.  The slices are fluffy with a nice bottom crust.  My favorites were the pesto whose thin slices of vegetables lent a nice crunch to the soft pizza.

Address:                   Golden Boy Pizza
                                  542 Green St.
                                  San Francisco, CA 
Type:                         pizza

Popular chomps:       clam and garlic
                                   pesto vegetarian
Chomp worthy:          pesto vegetarian

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