Di Fara Pizza

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I never thought that I would ever get the chance to go to Di Fara Pizza.  After many trips to New York, I've always found the excuses of being too lazy, its too far, or did I even want to wait that long?  Finally, I made the 40 minute train ride to Brooklyn and lucked out on a less than 40 minute wait since it was a holiday weekend.

Dom DeMarco makes every single pizza, from the loving pour of olive oil to the cutting of the basil.

Di Fara's menu.  Since the wait is so long, most people just order a whole pie.

Bunches of basil are hand cut over every pizza.  I love this technique.  You can definitely taste the freshness of the basil.
At about $1-$2 for each topping, this slice can get pretty pricey.  Unfortunately, today they didn't have porcini mushrooms so I had to get regular mushrooms instead.  Still good, but now I'm wondering how good the earthy porcini mushrooms would have made this slice.

The regular is the standard margherita.  Cheese, tomato sauce, and fresh snippings of basil.  The perfect combination of ingredients topped with the delicious olive oil.  Love the thinness as well as the crisp texture of the crust.  Overall, a good slice, but I wouldn't say the best.
This Sicilian slice alone was worth the wait.  I've never been one for a thick slice of pizza, but this square has made me a believer.  The freshness of the ingredients here is just amazing.  The quality of the olive oil can be tasted in every bite.  The cheese has just the right amount of gooeyness.  The best thing about this square is biting into it, you first notice the pillowy softness then the finishing move is the bottom crunch.  I admit I'm a little mad at myself for not making the journey here sooner.   
Address:                 Di Fara Pizza
                                1424 Ave J
                                New York NY

Type:                       pizza

Popular chomps:     square - Sicilian slice
                                 porcini mushrooms

Chomp worthy:        Sicilian slice        

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