South Brooklyn Pizza

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There are hundreds and possibly thousands of pizza places in New York so its always hard to narrow down which ones to eat.  With the deliciousness of DiFara's square (see post HERE) on my tongue and mind, I ventured over to South Brooklyn Pizza, which contrary to their name was not in South Brooklyn. 

Its hard to not just get a slice of margherita.  The pizzas here are mostly premade and then reheated after you order.  The margherita slice had decent flavor with a crunchy bottom.  Overall, a good slice when you are in the area or for a after drinking noshing, but I still think Joe's (see post HERE) in the West Village has the best slice in NY.

DiFara has made me into a Sicilian square believer.  I've never really ate one with an open mind, but I was determined to try one in another popular pizza spot in the city.  The square at South Brooklyn was thick and full of toppings, but it didn't have that magical touch and fresh flavors that DiFara's did.  I actually prefer the regular slice here over the square.

Address:                   South Brooklyn Pizza 
                                  122 1st Ave.
                                  New York, NY 
Type:                         pizza

Popular chomps:       square
                                   margherita slice    

Chomp worthy:          margherita slice     

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