Bakery Mexico

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Bakery Mexico gets straight to the point.  It's a Mexican bakery.  The cakes and pastries are extremely popular here.

Lines here are a regular sight.  Most people are lining up for cakes, tortas, or both.

Lots of tortas (sandwiches) to choose from!

I was pretty excited to see torta de tamale (tamale sandwich) as one of the specials.  I had been trying to hunt one of these down forever.  I'm not quite sure what I was expecting knowing full well tamales have a good amount of masa, but it tastes like what it sounds like.  A tamale between some bread.  The meat is a little on the skimpy side, but the masa has a good amount of fluffiness to it.  Definitely would have helped to add some sauce or more meat.  A fun find.   

I will always have a special place in my heart for the cubano (niurka) torta at La Casita Chilanga (see post HERE), but the cubano at Bakery Mexico is a close runner up. 
Possibly the prettiest torta I've seen.  Layer and layers of fatty, delicious meats and other good stuff.  Egg, hot dogs, ham, beef, and avocado make up all the fixins'.  Its delicious without being overly oily.  The bread, however, could be better.

Address:                 Mexico Bakery
                                2811 Story Rd
                                San Jose, CA
Type:                       Mexican

Popular chomps:     cubano
                                 carne asada torta

Chomp worthy:        cubano   

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